About Camp Tiak

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Camp Tiak hosts many events, including Summer Camp, Winter Camp, OA ordeals, Cub Scout Family Campouts, and more. Best of all, Tiak is available to camp in all year round. The camp features:

  • Aquatics area - Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddleboating, and Swimming all in scenic Lake Salk

  • COPE/Climbing - Take the challenge on the twisted Helix Tower or the COPE zipline and high elements

  • Horsemanship Area - Soon offering Level 1 and 2 courses!

  • Shooting Range - Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, and more!

  • Scoutcraft, Handicraft, and Ecology

  • Volleyball Court

  • Amphitheater, Council Ring, and lake view Chapel

  • Spacious Dining Hall

  • Trading Post for camping gear, souvenirs, and snacks

  • 12 Campsites

  • And More!


Camp Tiak has 12 troop campsites which are outfitted with two-person wall tents on platforms. Each tent will accommodate two cots. Each troop site has a latrine and facilities for hand washing and showers. Sioux campsite is a barrier-free site that can accommodate physically challenged scouts and adult leaders. It is conveniently located near the dining facility. Campsite capacities are as follows:

Apache: 20

Navaho: 20

Cherokee: 20

Shawnee: 24

Mohican: 20

Choctaw: 30

Seminole: 24

Delaware: 24

Iroquois: 24

Cheyenne: 20

Osage: 24

Sioux: 40  

Food Service

All meals will be served in the air conditioned dining facility. Meals are provided in a modified cafeteria style fashion. A well-balanced menu has been designed to please both scouts and adult leaders. Troops eat together. Each troop will provide a table waiter for each table assigned to them. Table waiters will set up each table for each meal and then clean up those tables after each meal. Troops will have the opportunity to prepare meals in their campsites if they wish.

Trading Post

Camp Tiak operates a modern and efficient Trading Post. Our Trading Post stocks many items that are related to Scout merit badges. In addition to crafts, the Trading Post also stocks concession items. Some of the items stocked are camp caps, writing paper, craft items, pocket knives, postcards, cold drinks, ice cream, snow cones, candy, folding chairs, and batteries, Camp Tiak T-Shirts and camp patches.