Popcorn Information and Resources

Thousands of dollars go back to the Scouting program in the Pine Burr Area Council as a result of the annual popcorn sale. Seventy percent of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting programs. The popcorn sale is a way for a Scout and Units to fund their program for the entire year.

For 2016, we are implementing several changes to make this year’s sale to easier than ever:

  • Units may now order individual containers (vs. by the case in order to stretch program resources).

  • Units can now earn 32% commission by having a unit kernel participate at a kick-off (vs. earning 30% with unit leader in charge of popcorn sale).

  • Ability to return unsold show-n- deliver product ordered (vs. buying it all).

  • Changing time-frame to a brief and simple sale calendar (vs. 3-1/2 month calendar).

The four options to sell popcorn are as follows:

  • “Show-N- Sell” in front of retail locations

  • “Show-N- Deliver” in churches and neighborhoods

  • Traditional “Take-Order” sales

  • Online sales to friends and family

Key Calendar Dates:

  • Sept. 1 Online sale begins

  • Sept. 1 Unit “Show-N- Sell” orders are due

  • Sept. 12 “Take-Order” sale begins

  • Sept. 23 Unit “Show-N-Sell” and “Show-N-Deliver” product pickup

  • Sept. 23 Unit “Show-N-Sell” and “Show-N-Deliver” begins

  • Oct. 31 “Show-N-Sell” and “Show-N-Deliver” popcorn return day

  • Oct. 31 “Take-Order” sale ends

  • Oct. 31 Unit “Take-Orders” are due

  • Oct. 31 Unit prize orders are due

  • Nov. 11 Unit “Take-Order” product pickup

  • Nov.11 Unit “Show-N- Sell” and “Show-N- Deliver” ends

  • Dec. 1 Online sale ends

Orders can be placed at www.campmasters.org.