Sale Details


Thousands of dollars go back to the Scouting program in the Pine Burr Area Council as a result of the annual popcorn sale. Seventy percent of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting programs. The popcorn sale is a way for a Scout and Units to fund their program for the entire year.

For 2018, we are adding on to several changes made last year to make this year’s sale easier and more successful:

2016 Key Changes:

  • Units may now order individual containers (vs. by the case in order to stretch program resources).
  • Units can now earn 32% commission by having a unit kernel participate at a kick-off (vs. earning 30% with unit leader in charge of popcorn sale).
  • Ability to return unsold show-n- deliver product ordered (vs. buying it all).
  • Changing time-frame to a brief and simple sale calendar (vs. 3-1/2 month calendar).

2017 additions:

  • Theme for the sale (Star Wars)
  • Council Prize (Movie Ticket)
  • Council supplied Show-N-Sell Locations

2018 additions:

  • Mystery Houses
  • New Superhero Theme
  • Multiple movies to pick from as council incentive
  • Even more council supplies show-N-sell locations

The four options to sell popcorn are as follows:

  • “Show-N- Sell” in front of retail locations
  • “Show-N- Deliver” in churches and neighborhoods
  • Traditional “Take-Order” sales
  • Online sales to friends and family